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Friday 16.08.19

We star­ted our jour­ney to Fin­land at 6 AM. Our train to Wolfs­burg left at 6:55 and we dro­ve 45 mi­nu­tes. Then we took the IC to Ber­lin whe­re we ar­ri­ved at half past 9. First we wan­ted to dri­ve with the S-Bahn but it tur­ned out that the train sta­ti­on “Ber­lin-Te­gel” was 8 ki­lo­me­ters away from the air­port. Be­cau­se of that we de­ci­ded to take the bus which was going di­rect­ly to the air­port. We had one hour free time un­til we gave up our lug­ga­ge.

At 1:15pm our 2 hours long flight to Hel­sin­ki left, whe­re we had 5 hours to wait un­til our fi­nal flight to Kuo­pio. The wai­ting time was worth it be­cau­se the air­port was very big and we were able to do a lot of things. Af­ter this long time we star­ted our 45 mi­nu­tes long flight to Kuo­pio at 8:45 PM. Be­cau­se we had to wait so many hours it was get­ting dark and we saw the be­au­ti­ful sun­set whi­le we were in the pla­ne.

We fi­nal­ly ar­ri­ved in Kuo­pio at half past 9 and were hap­py to see our exc­han­ge stu­dents af­ter 4 months again. We en­joy­ed the eve­ning in our fa­mi­lies but we went to sleep very fast, be­cau­se we were so ti­red af­ter our 17 hours long jour­ney.

Saturday, the 17th of August

Sin­ce we spent our wee­kend to­get­her with our hosts and their fa­mi­ly, we could app­ro­ach the day in a very re­la­xed man­ner. The­re­fo­re we woke up pret­ty late at 9 in the mor­ning and had some nice bre­ak­fast with some por­ri­de, some rye bre­ad and some kar­ja­lan­pii­rak­ka.

Vil­le had a floor­ball tour­na­ment on that day so his fa­mi­ly and I de­ci­ded to go on a small hike. We left the hou­se around 10 in the mor­ning and went n our way to Koli, a na­ti­o­nal land­mark of Fin­land.

The ”hike” tur­ned out to be not much more than a short stroll along the paths of Koli. But still, the view from the top of Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli and Paha-Koli was ama­zing, not­hing but la­kes and tree­tops as far as the eye could see.

Af­ter we spent a good to hours up on the moun­tains we star­ted to make our way back to Kuo­pio, sin­ce we were cu­ri­ous how Vil­le’s ga­mes were going. Turns out his ga­mes were going gre­at. The two ga­mes he had al­re­a­dy been play­ed at Ku­pi­o­hal­li that day were wins. The last match, the one we ac­tu­al­ly watc­hed see­med like it would be a cle­an vic­to­ry for Vil­le’s team as­well, but the ot­her team made a come­back in the last third of the game and en­ded the game with a tie.

Vil­le’s pa­rents went home af­ter the ga­mes and me and Vil­le met up with some of his friends in the city to vi­sit the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal mar­ket. We spent qui­te a bit of time loo­king through the stalls and booths, so long that ,at around mid­night, we went to stay at the pla­ce of one of Vil­le’s friends.

Sunday 18.08.

We met at 1 pm at the bas­ket­ball court af­ter we had a nice bre­ak­fast in our host fa­mi­lies. Paul play­ed a few ga­mes with some of the fin­nish guys whi­le the girls were just watc­hing the ga­mes and lis­te­ning to mu­sic. We were the­re for 2 hours and af­ter that we went to the har­bour,  ate some ice cre­am and en­joy­ed the view. The sun was shi­ning wit­hout any clouds in the sky and we had such a gre­at time the­re.

Sum­mer cot­ta­ges are very ty­pi­cal in fin­land. Most of them have a sau­na and they are next to a lake. Af­ter we ate so­met­hing at home we dro­ve to the cot­ta­ge from Pau­las host fa­mi­ly. It was 45 mi­nu­tes away from Kuo­pio and the lo­ca­ti­on was so idyl­lic. It was right in the midd­le of na­tu­re and so be­au­ti­ful. We spent the rest of the day and the eve­ning at the cot­ta­ge du­ring going to sau­na and swim­ming in the lake. The day en­ded with a be­au­ti­ful sun­set abo­ve the lake and marsh­mal­lows abo­ve the bon­fi­re.

Monday, 19th of August 2019

Af­ter a be­au­ti­ful wee­kend with the host fa­mi­lies some of the Ger­man stu­dents par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the les­sons at school. At 9:30 we were wel­co­med from the he­ad­mas­ter of the Kal­la­vesi school in the te­ac­her’s room whe­re we got lots of coo­kies and so­met­hing to drink.

Af­ter­wards we got the chan­ce to ex­pe­rien­ce more about the Fin­nish school sys­tem du­ring a gui­ded school tour and a pre­sen­ta­ti­on from the se­cond he­ad­mas­ter Tii­na Kar­ja­lai­nen. We le­ar­ned that the sys­tem works very dif­fe­rent­ly than the Ger­man one and that it has ad­van­ta­ges but also di­sad­van­ta­ges (it can be com­pa­red to the Ger­man uni­ver­si­ty sys­tem). La­ter we split our group, so that the Fin­nish hosts could take their Ger­man exc­han­ge part­ners with them to their les­sons.

At 11:45 we all had a nice lunch in the school can­teen be­fo­re we had the pos­si­bi­li­ty to le­arn some ba­sics of the Fin­nish lan­gu­a­ge with our part­ners. We had to re­a­li­ze that Fin­nish is pret­ty dif­fi­cult!

Then we had a clo­ser look at Kuo­pio, whi­le our hosts were tel­ling us so­met­hing about se­ve­ral sights, for ins­tan­ce the Kuo­pio city hou­se, the mar­ket pla­ce and a pho­tog­rap­hy mu­seum.

At the end of the tour, we went to the har­bour from whe­re we star­ted a crui­se on the lake Kal­la­vesi. It was a bit rai­ny but in spi­te of that the view was ama­zing.

All in all, it was a won­der­ful day whe­re we got many new imp­res­si­ons of Kuo­pio and the who­le count­ry.

TUESDAY, 20th of August 2019

We met at the school na­med kal­la­ve­den lu­kio at 10 o’clock to go the short walk to the old Kuo­pio mu­seum. The­re we got a gui­ded tour in Eng­lish around the pro­per­ty of the Ku­pi­on Kort­te­li­mu­seo, how it´s cal­led in fi­nish. The ol­dest one of the ele­ven woo­den hou­ses da­tes back to the late 1700s. It gave us in­sight into the fi­nish way of li­ving from the 1800s to the 1930s and their cir­cums­tan­ces.

It was com­mon for two fa­mi­lies to sha­re a hou­se, be­cau­se of the overp­ri­ced li­ving spa­ce. That’s the re­a­son why in the room pic­tu­red in the ima­ge abo­ve. Furt­her­mo­re we saw the cram­ped one-room flats of we­a­vers, sho­e­ma­kers, phar­ma­cist and in cont­rast to that the spa­ci­ous hou­se of a we­alt­hy fa­mi­ly.

Af­ter that we re­tur­ned to the school for lunch and went to the bu­si­ness vil­la­ge Yri­tys­kylä at 13.15. This is an edu­ca­ti­o­nal non-pro­fit pro­ject to help pre­pa­re the fi­nish stu­dents for their work and adult life. In ad­di­ti­on they the­ach them how to live a more sus­tai­nab­le live and what they can chan­ge to pro­tect the en­vi­ron­ment. They vi­sit it once in 6th and 9th gra­de to be part of the bu­si­ness game, that inc­lu­des for examp­le wor­king, gro­ce­ry shop­ping or vo­ting.

Fol­lo­wing this we had some free­ti­me with our hosts for shop­ping or ea­ting be­fo­re we met at Pilp­pa at 18.00. We had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to grill sau­sa­ges or ot­her things over an open fire, to go to the sau­na and af­ter that swim­ming in the cold lake Kal­la­vesi ne­ar­by.

All in all is was a day full of fun and many at­ven­tu­res.

Wednesday, 21.08.2019

On Wed­nes­day we did a trip to the Sport and Spa Ho­tel Ve­si­lep­pis in Lep­pä­vir­ta which is 50km south of Kuo­pio. We star­ted at 9.30am at the school with a bus.

When we ar­ri­ved the­re we went to the ice rink to try some cur­ling.  We split­ted up in four groups and each group had two pe­op­le who had the cur­ling brus­hes. It was very cold but we en­joy­ed it even if Ma­ri­an slip­ped, hit his head and had to go to the hos­pi­tal.

Af­ter we fi­nis­hed the cur­ling we went back to the re­cep­ti­on and took an ele­va­tor down to look at the skiing hall which is 30m un­der the ground. We didn’t try the skiing but the­re is a one ki­lo­me­ter ski-run un­der the earth.

Af­ter a short bre­ak we went to anot­her hall for the bubb­le foot­ball. We made two te­ams (pink bubb­les against blue bubb­les). The­re were twel­ve bubb­les in to­tal and we had to shoot the ball in the ad­ver­sa­ri­al goal. It was so much fun but we all had in­ju­ries af­ter­wards. Then we ate in the res­tau­rant with a buf­fet. It was very tas­ty.

We had anot­her item on the prog­ram­me which was sau­na and swim­ming. The swim­ming hall had a lot of dif­fe­rent pools for examp­le a wa­ters­li­de, a whirl­pool and a flo­a­ting obs­tac­le race. We spent most of the time on this flo­a­ting ob­ject be­cau­se it was so much fun, too.

The bus left at 16.30pm and we didn’t have an eve­ning prog­ram be­cau­se we all were so ti­red.

We’re still ha­ving sore musc­les but it was worth it.

Thursday, 22nd August

The day star­ted at the Ba­se­ball sta­dium of Kuo­pio. The sports te­ac­her of the Kal­la­vesi School taught us how to play Fin­nish ba­se­ball, which is a litt­le bit dif­fe­rent to nor­mal Ame­ri­can ba­se­ball. The har­dest part was to hit the ball but af­ter a small trai­ning we were re­a­dy to take on a small game. The ru­les were dif­fi­cult to exp­lain in Eng­lish for tho­se who hadn´t play­ed it be­fo­re but in the end it was al­most cle­ar for eve­ryo­ne.

Af­ter this, we had a small walk to the ski jum­ping area of Kuo­pio whe­re we had the chan­ce to watch some pro­fes­si­o­nel ski jum­pers trai­ning the­re.

Along the ski jumps we took many stairs up to the Pui­jo To­wer. It is pla­ced on the hig­hest moun­tain in the midd­le of the city Kuo­pio. From the top of the to­wer we en­joy­ed an ama­zing view over Kuo­pio, its sur­roun­dings and the Kal­la­vesi Lake.

We con­ti­nu­ed with a small hike trough the fo­rest to a fire pla­ce with a gre­at view.

Friday 23.08.19:

We had to wake up very ear­ly be­cau­se we nee­ded to pack our things to­get­her and were sup­po­sed to be at school for the first pe­ri­od. We wro­te the ar­tic­les for e twin­ning and our ye­ar­book. Be­fo­re we went to lunch at half past 11 we were at the cent­ral of Kuo­pio and en­joy­ed the last hours with our hosts.

Af­ter the lunch we had a nice get to­get­her with cof­fee and coo­kies and sad­ly at one o’clock we left to the air­port and had to say good­bye. Luc­ki­ly we only had 20 mi­nu­tes time in Hel­sin­ki un­til our fi­nal flight to Ber­lin left. From Ber­lin we dro­ve back to Hil­des­heim with the train and fi­nal­ly ar­ri­ved at 10 PM. We were all hap­py to see our fa­mi­lies again but we were very sad to le­a­ve Fin­land af­ter an ex­ci­ted week with our very cool exc­han­ge stu­dents.

Sak­sa­lais-suo­ma­lai­nen il­lan­viet­to Pil­pan ma­jal­la.

Ak­ti­vi­teet­te­ja Vesi-Lep­pik­ses­sä.

Laa­vul­la Pui­jon­sar­ves­sa.

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